Read synopses of all our available letters and find the perfect one for you!  We have a wide variety already with quite a few other stories already being written.  Our goal is to have something for everyone.

Horror - Keystone Curse

Angela’s Mom just died, and she is not happy about you not being there for her. Plus, something at the house just isn’t right. The letters start as she finds out her mom is dead and continue as she deals with the house and mounting concerns that the house could have it out for her.

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Western - Revolution of Heyward County

Revolution of Heyward County is the story of Benton Maddox, writing back to you, his friend, as he journeys out West, learns the ways of the West, and deals with outlaws and danger.

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Romance and Adventure - Indian Rebellion

Lady Elizabeth (Bess) Ashdown is writing to you from Lucknow, India. Bess is dealing with problems with her husband, another man she can’t get out of her mind, and living in the middle of a dangerous uprising. Receive letters from her and share in her adventures.

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Romance from the future - Endymion

Theda lives in the not too distant future and found you on the internet. That’s where Theda usually is, because Theda lives on the internet – literally. Theda is writing to you because you seem like an incredible person. Let Theda write to you for a few months so you can get to know each other.

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Historical - Coming to America

Nikola Tesla is writing to you as he works a little more in Europe and moves to America. Read letters from the genius who invented alternating current. The letters begin as he goes on one last major project in Europe and finishes his alternating current machine, then continue as he comes to the US and works with Thomas Edison.

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Religious Historical - Out of Egypt

Follow the story of Moses as he goes back to Egypt to lead the Israelites to the promised land. The story starts at the burning bush and continues as the Lord leads the Israelites to freedom.

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Crime Thriller - The Other Side

*DISCLAIMER* This story has depictions of extreme violence and antisocial behavior. This series is absolutely for adults only.

These letters are from a local serial killer, telling you all about their mounting exploits. The serial killer has an extreme interest in killers from movies and the plausibility of their techniques. The letters are all written now, but start by talking about the killer’s youth, working through the kills in their life until the present day.

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