About Letters Across Time

Letters Across Time provides letters written directly to you from throughout space and time.  Some of these letters are from historical figures, some from normal people in extraordinary situations, some from the future, and some are from worlds you have never seen.

Each set includes 6 letters, which will be mailed to you one every 2 weeks.  We ship letters anywhere in the world that is part of the Universal Postal Union (almost everywhere).  The letters sort of appear here, and we send them on to you wherever you are.  For some of these letters, you are your normal self, but many of them may be to you – Nikola Tesla’s friend from work in France or the estranged spouse of a woman dealing with the loss of her mother and a haunted house.  Whatever the case, we send the letters on to you right away.

I’m afraid we have to keep how we get these letters a secret, although some of the people writing to you share how they send them to us.


Megan Keathley came up with the idea for Letters Across Time and mentioned it to Nic Perry, who loved it and was ready to jump in to another project.  Nic and Megan worked for a few months refining the idea before Megan decided she didn’t have the time to continue the project.  Nic took over and went looking for more authors to work with, while he continued building and planning. About a year after Megan and Nic first talked about the idea, it was ready to launch Black Friday 2017, just in time for the holiday season.

Our Writers

Many wonderful people help make these letters the wonderful things that they are.  Learn more about our writers.