Laura Perry

I first started writing in 5th grade. My family moved from Seattle to Spokane, and I wasn’t happy about it, so I wrote a story about a dog who had lived down the street, imagining him being right beside me again. In sixth grade I fell in love with writing poetry, since which time I’ve completed a book of poetry and now have some of my poetry, combined with my mom’s artwork, selling as cards on the Oregon coast.

Throughout high school and beyond, ideas have come to me and I’ve had no choice but to write them down or go crazy. My sister also realized this and bought me a pen that lights up when you hold the barrel so that I could write my thoughts down when they wake me up in the middle of the night.

The best year of my life was in Daytona Beach Florida; I was taking a creative writing class at Daytona Beach Community College from Robert Walker, a prolific Mystery Writer who’d started in the Horror genre (his mysteries start with a still-living victim for added suspense and a dash of horror.) I wrote 6-10 hours a day and handed him a chapter a week for editing, getting halfway through my first novel before the class was over.

My favorite genre is Urban Fantasy, taking place in our current world where a small number of people are interacting with an entirely different reality with superpowers, fantastic beasts, and extraterrestrials; I blend in mythology and folklore wherever possible, along with Urban Legends and current events. I prefer to write it as if it were science fiction, providing a scientific explanation for everything that happens as much as possible.

Nikola Tesla has always been one of my heroes, and I’ve enjoyed learning more about him as I explore his life and surroundings.