Raely Marie

Photo of Raelly Marie, Author for Letters Across Time

Raely Marie is a midwestern plurilingual bibliophile who loves the forest and its wondrous trees.

She is the author of Juok for Letters Across Time.

Her most recent publication InkCuenTober is a collaborative work with artist Guillaume Babin. The book is a collection of 31 short short stories and illustrations created and posted on Instagram for the 2018 InkTober and CuenTober challenges. Contact the author and artist to purchase a copy of InkCuenTober at InkCuenTober@gmail.com. Artist Guillaume Babin also drew the cover art for the Juok letter series. You can check out more of his work on Instagram at gabachogui.

Raely Marie has posted various poems, experimental works and short stories on her blog and Instagram account. You can find her work at http://raelymarie.blogspot.com/and follow her on Instagram at reili333 for short stories, life updates and more.